Blaser F3 Bonsi Scroll Sporting Grade 8 Right Hand


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  • Model: F3 Bonsi
  • Right Hand
  • Gauge: 12GA, 20GA, 28GA or 410
  • Barrel: 32″ or 30″
  • Length of Pull: 14.6″
  • Sights: HiViz Front Bead
  • Recoil Pad: 1.7 cm Slip Black
  • Chokes: Briley Spectrum; SK, M, LM, IC, IM

The Blaser F3 Bonsi Scroll Sporting features an extensive deep relief scroll pattern engraving.  This particular shotgun is upgraded with a Grade 8 wood set (normally the F3 Bonsi Sporting is equipped with a Grade 6 stock).


If you have any questions about the Blaser F3 Bonsi feel free to call 1-888-365-7030 and we will be happy to assist.


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