Blaser F3 Sporting Baronesse Right Hand


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  • Model: F3 Sporting Baronesse
  • Gauge: 12GA
  • Barrel: 32″ or 30″
  • Length of Pull: 14.6″
  • Sights: HiViz Front Bead
  • Recoil Pad: 1.7 cm Slip Black
  • Chokes: Briley Spectrum; SK, M LM, IC, IM

From the very first moment you see the F3, it is clear that everything about this shotgun is designed to win. The low receiver and masterful stock define its streamlined appearance and “shootability”. The unique shape of the butt stock reflects thorough studies on body anatomy and movement. It is perfectly formed and unerring in accuracy: a shotgun that entices you to shoot.

This Baronesse grade F3 features fine English Scroll on long side plates, as well as Grade 7 wood.

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