Orvis Mountain River Guide Lanyard


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Change strategies on the fly with our handy fishing neck lanyard.

  • Hy-Flote gel floatant
  • 4x, 5x, 6x Super Strong Tippet
  • Mini nipper
  • Micro Scissor forceps
  • Fly Box

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Ergonomic, comfortable and wildy efficient. The Mountain River Guide Lanyard holds everything you need around your neck. Excellent when rowing your drift-boat chasing wily Cutts, stalking Musky off a john-boat, or when you don’t need to carry a fully loaded sling pack. Made in USA.

  • Foam neck strap
  • Breakaway safety feature
  • Two tubular foam fly patches
  • Shirt clip
  • Tippet carrier
  • Floatant caddy
  • Fly drying chamois
  • Four accessory snaps for tools
  • Blue beads


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