Sauer 404 Classic XT Package 270 WIN S404


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The uncompromising all-rounder for every game trail. With its indestructible polymer stock, the Classic XT shrugs off adversity and brings the performance of the S 404 to bear long after others have ‘laid down their arms’.


This special 404 Classic XT Package comes with the following:

  • Complete Sauer 404 Rifle (includes stock/receiver, barrel, bolt head, magazine)
  • Sauer 404 Super Compact Case
  • Sauer 404 Neoprene Ergo Sling Green
  • Sauer Universal Mount 30MM



Caliber: 270 WIN

Caliber Group/ Bolt Head: Medium

Length of Barrel: 22.04″

Weight: 7.19LBS

Rate of Twist: 1 in 10″



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