Swarovski dS Gen. II 5-25×52 P 4A-I Riflescope 71002


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  • SKU: 71002
  • UPC: 708026710025

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Swarovski dS Gen. II 5-25×52 P 4A-I Riflescope

  • SKU: 71002
  • UPC: 708026710025

Scope of delivery

  • Transparent scope covers
  • Torx wrench and adjusting tool in the battery turret
  • Adjusting tool large
  • Microfiber cloth

Product description

The aiming point is calculated based on precise distance measurement, the angle of fire, the magnification selected, air pressure, temperature, and the ballistic data for your personal firearm/ammunition combination.

The dS Configurator App is used to enter the data on your firearm/ammunition combination and to configure the display. The ballistic curve and your individual display configurations are then transferred directly to the dS quickly and easily via Bluetooth.


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