Zoli Kronos Silver 12GA 32″ Adjustable Comb


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Gauge: 12GA
Barrel Length: 32″
LOP: 14.84″
Approx. Weight: 8lbs 10oz

It took Zoli’s technical designers and engineers a long time, great passion and total dedication to design the new Kronos O/U shotgun.
They knew that nothing could be second class and left to chance in a gun meant for competition. Every small part had to be designed and studied carefully, checked and double-checked. The Kronos had to set new standards in terms of performance, reliability, wear, comfort, ergonomics and looks. We are indeed very happy with the results as our new gun has become the perfect synthesis of balance, excellent mechanical features and flawless performance. The Kronos comes with an action made from a solid piece of forged steel, a detachable trigger group, a Boss-type locking system and complete stock interchangeability. The most prestigious British guns, particularly the “Boss”, were the source of inspiration when we designed our low profile action and trigger which is not only nice, but also extremely functional and ergonomic. Combined with the lines and dimensions of Zoli’s stock, the line of the trigger make the Kronos a very comfortable gun to mount, shoot and control. But the real strength of our new competition gun lies in its barrels.



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