Anschutz 1710 D HB Classic 22LR Heavy Barrel 23″ w/ Match Trigger


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  • Fast and trouble-free repeating
  • Sliding safety catch
  • Two stage trigger and single stage trigger
  • Heavy Barrel
  • Classic straight hunting stock

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Anschutz 1710 D HB Classic 22LR Heavy Barrel 23" w/ Match TriggerThis model will be exactly the same as model 000454 except this model is upgraded with a 2 stage match trigger

Hunting repeaters of the series 1700:
ANSCHÜTZ target rifles are famous for their solid design, functionability and unsurpassed performance all around the world. The ANSCHÜTZ 54 match cylinder action which is also part of the ANSCHÜTZ hunting repeaters dominates national, international, Olympic and world championship competitions in the small bore rifle disciplines. Buying such a hunting repeater does not only mean to acquire state-of-the-art technology but also a master piece in a class of its own.

The bolt with dual locking lugs is seated eccentrically in the receiver to give the action screws more support for better stock bedding. The bolt is cam cocking. Fast and trouble-free repeating is guaranteed by claw extractor and the additional cartridge holder with ejector. This precision makes ANSCHÜTZ hunting repeaters a reliable partner in the field and in the forest. The receiver is equipped with an 11 mm (7/16″) wide grooved receiver rail and is additionally drilled and tapped for scope mounts. The bolt face is recessed for full cartridge head support. An independent lateral bolt stop limits the travel of the bolt and thus protects the trigger as well.An additional gas escape groove guarantees safety.

The sliding safety catch on the right hand side, a recent improvement, blocks the trigger sear in the safe position and simultaneously lifts the trigger sear and bolt release latch

Two stage trigger and single stage trigger correspond to the match triggers of the ANSCHÜTZ target rifle. The low-weight, hardened and finely polished triggers enable a fast and precise release of the trigger.

Heavy Barrel:
The barrels are manufactured using the same special process perfected for the ANSCHÜTZ target rifles. The same attention to detail is given to the fitting of the receiver and the counterbore at the muzzle.

Classic stock:
Classic straight hunting stock of colored and lacquered walnut wood without cheek piece, checkering at pistol grip and fore-end, black butt plate and studs for sling swivel.

Item No.: 013297X

Technical Data
Name:1710 D HB Walnut Classic
Item No.:013297
Total length (cm)107.5
Weight approx. (kg):3.6
Model number:5109/2
Type:2 stage Match trigger
Barreled Action
Name:Match 54
Barrel:ANSCHÜTZ Precision barrel (heavy)
Caliber:.22 l.r.
Number of discharges:8
Muzzle diameter (mm):21
Magazine capacity:5
Barrel length (cm):58.4
Grip:Grip standard size
Butt plate:Rubber butt plate
min. Length of pull (cm):36
max. Length of pull (cm):36An



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