Blaser R8 Match Barrel


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  • Barrel Contour Match (22mm)
  • Fluted
  • Threaded
  • Magazine included with barrel

R8 Match Barrel (22 mm)

The Match Barrel is designed for sport shooting and hunting with long distances.  Depending on caliber and contour, it weighs approx. 200-300g (0.44-0.66lb.) more than a standard barrel.  A fluted barrel is standard.  This decreases cooling down time when shooting over longer periods of time due to an increased surface area.  Also, the weight is reduced.


Blaser R8 Caliber Overview


The Blaser R8 is a modular system capable of switching barrels. When changing from one caliber to another within the same caliber family, no bolt head change is necessary. If going outside of the caliber group during a barrel exchange, the bolt head has to be changed as well. However, the bolt head can be exchanged quickly and easily.


Please note: Larger barrel contour (Semi-Weight or Match barrels) will not fit in a standard professional stock or wooden forearm, options are available from Blaser to accommodate these barrel options.


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