Swarovski NL Pure 8×42 Binocular 36008


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  • SKU: 36008
  • UPC: 708026360084

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Swarovski NL Pure 8×42 Binocular

  • SKU: 36008
  • UPC: 708026360084
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  • NL Pure
  • FSB functional sidebag
  • UCS universal comfort strap
  • Eyepiece cover
  • Objective lens cover
  • Soap & Brush
Product description

The NL Pure 8×42 are ideal for maintaining an overview in nature. Whatever requirements you have for your binoculars: the NL Pure 42 can meet them. The NL Pure 42 binoculars are a fusion of ergonomic design, a very large field of view with barely perceptible edges, and cutting-edge lens technology. The NL Pure 8×42 impress with 8x magnification and their large field of view of 159 m (173.9 yds) at 1,000 m (1093.6 yds) brings even the smallest details up close – right through until twilight.

The NL Pure 8×42 have the largest field of view in the NL Pure Product line. The resulting larger image section allows you to see more wildlife in comparison with other binoculars with identical magnification. This makes the NL Pure 8×42 ideal companions for hunting, birdwatching, or other experiences in nature all day through until twilight.

The NL Pure 8×42 are ideal for the following purposes:

  • For users who appreciate a large field of view
  • Observations in nature in low light at dawn or dusk
  • For ambitious birders

Overview of the NL Pure 8×42:

  • 8x magnification
  • 159 m (173.9 yds) field of view at a distance of 1,000 m (1,093.6 yds)
  • Weight: 840 g (29.6 oz)
  • Compact dimensions: 158 x 131 x 71 mm (6.2 x 5.2 x 2.8 in)

The innovative SWAROVISION technology ensures color fidelity and jitter-free images. During extended periods of use, the NL Pure 8×42 sit comfortably in your hand thanks to their ergonomically shaped wasp waist and a light weight of just 840 g (29.6 oz) and guarantee relaxed viewing. An optional forehead rest is available for extra comfort.

Brief description of the SWAROVISION technology

The key feature of the ground-breaking SWAROVISION technology is the field flattener lenses which offset the curvature of the field of view and provide edge sharpness. This means the complete image stays sharp from the middle of the field of view all the way to the edges. There is no need to refocus if your eye moves in the image, you can immediately see every detail in absolute clarity. The special coating on the lenses in combination with the inert gas filling ensures color fidelity.

The NL Pure series

The binoculars in the NL Pure series offer an enormous field of view all the way to the edges. Thanks to the wasp waist, each optical device sits ergonomically in your hand, making it a trusted companion even over extended periods of use. The amazing quality provided by SWAROVISION and the field flattener lenses guarantees precise and razor-sharp images with no distortion.



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